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Laser ECS 3 Watts + FB4

DESCRIPTION : Laser ECS 3 Watts RGB + FB4 quicksow over UTP [REF416]

8 x QB + Flight case

DIMENSION : 475 x 750x 445mm
DESCRIPTION : Flight case ith 8 portable battery powered uplighter outputting ultra-smooth colours from rich saturated hues to subtle pastel shades. The temporary outdoor rated compact and robust housing repels water, snow and dirt for all-weather applications and is easily concealable [REF409]

QuickDMX Wireless Bundle

DESCRIPTION : QuickDMX Wireless Bundle - 1 Transmitter - 2 Receiver [REF408]

W DMX Micro F-1 Lite G5 Transceiver

DESCRIPTION : - Single universe DMX transmitter/receiver - W-DMX G5™ Protocol – backward compatible with G3 and G4S - 2.4GHz radio – license free worldwide - 5V USB 2.0 Micro B charging input (international power supply included) [REF407]

W DMX BlackBox F-1 G5 Transceiver

DESCRIPTION : Single Universe Outdoor DMX/RDM Transmitter/Receiver - W-DMX G5™ Protocol – backward compatible with G3 & G4S - Compatible with all W-DMX OEM products [REF406]


DESCRIPTION : 4 x 8W RGBA IP portable battery powered.. The temporary outdoor rated compact and robust housing repels water, snow and dirt for all-weather applications and is easily concealable. The internal lithium battery has autonomy of up to 18 hours in single colour mode and up to 8 hours of colour fading and chases [REF405]

Tri Power Batten MKII (RGB)

DIMENSION : 88 x 1070 x 65mm
DESCRIPTION : The Tri Power Batten MKII is a pixel controllable LED bar with 12 x 3W 3-in-1 RGB LEDs. Full pixel control is available when operated in 36 channel mode to create stunning colour flows and chases but can also be controlled in several other channel modes. [REF404]

Scan MAX Leds

DIMENSION : 310 x 140 x 175mm
DESCRIPTION : Idéal pour petite salle. Scan 30W white LED. Beam angle: 11°. 2,508 Lux @ 2m. Gobo wheel: 7 gobos + open. Colour wheel: 7 static colours. DMX channels. Pan: 166°, Tilt: 54° [REF374]

Stage Par 64 CZ 3000K

DIMENSION : 405 x 302 x 444mm
DESCRIPTION : The CZ 100 Zoom high output 100W white COB LED with colour temperatures 3000K. These Stage Pars are an LED replacement for traditional halogen pars and have an impressive output comparable to a 1000W halogen sealed beam par. Manually adjustable beam angle (15°-32°) [REF371]

Kudos 250ZS

DIMENSION : 400 x 300 x 195mm
DESCRIPTION : Kudos 250ZS utilises twelve 15W quad-colour (RGBW) LEDs combined with a motorised zoom (5°– 60°) offering superior colour mixing, producing vibrant colours and hues outputting in a perfectly even wash. This dynamic yet compact moving head is not only loaded with a variety of control options, it also features a vivid RGB backlight creating stunning ‘eye candy’ effect. 360° continuous pan and tilt [REF370]

TOTEM 1.8 M + 30/4

DESCRIPTION : TOTEM de 1.8 M de haut en structure carrée avec base lourde et dessus plat pour l'accueil d'une lyre, possibilitée en option d'un couvre structre, chaussestte noire ou blanche voir d'un par LEDs dans le pied... D'autres combinaisons en hauteurs sont possibles, nous contacter.. (OPTION CHAUSSETTE LYCRA) [REF369]

Ampoule led guirlande lumineuse blanc chaud 3000K (10 M)

DESCRIPTION : Ampoule led guirlande lumineuse chaîne 0,5W blanc chaud 3000K connectable PIN - 10 M - 20 Lampes [REF364]